Total War Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms- How To Choose And Equip Followers

Total War Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms has versatile problems and solutions and among them assigning followers to the generals and champions strengthen and grant them buffs which seem to be very useful while dealing with Military or Diplomatic problems. The varieties of buffs differ from followers to followers as they all provide unique buffs which can be interchanged from individuals to individuals who seem fit for the cause.

These followers who have been assigned perfectly increase the stats or completely wipe out all the weakness of the generals and champions. In this guide, we have mentioned how you can select and assign these followers who will deal fatal damage to your enemies.

How To Assign Followers

You can assign followers by clicking on the desired champion or generals whom you want to buff. Select the icon on the main map and right click on their portrait which will let you assign the followers. There will be five vacancies which will be filled up after assigning the followers by clicking the circles.

Once you have clicked the follower’s circle, it will show you all the followers whom you can access and assign them to your generals and champions. You will need to note down that unlike accessories, followers do not have a cooldown so you can interchange and reassign them to any generals you want to gain natural buffs.

Once you have made your decision and made your choice to assign the certain followers to specific champions, then you will need to simply click on the Equip button visible to you under the icon to increase the stat and gain the buff. For more guides on total War Three Kingdoms, click the link below the description:

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