Total War Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms- Tips To Increase Leader’s Prestige

Total War Three Kingdoms

Leader’s Prestige is related directly to the competence and dictatorship in Total War Three Kingdoms. The more is the leader’s prestige, the more you will gain political strength and your settlement will follow your orders and method. To influence your army, you will need to increase your prestige level and fiercely climb to the top as a threat to other empires and showcase your political power.

Consequences Of Prestige

Each faction has its own Prestige which shows their leader’s power extent and the seriousness in the country. As you keep on increasing the prestige, the influence on the army, buildings, and unit will dramatically change and increase along with its benefit. You can unlock and increase the number of slots where you assign units or trade agreements among other factions.

Once you start developing your influence after the increase in prestige, you will need an advisor who would keep everything intact and in check. Even the generals who were under your command would betray and try to overthrow you. The act of treachery will be involved under your ranks as you continue to increase your military and political strength. To overcome such a situation, you must always announce a new position to the corrupted generals to calm their thoughts.

How To Increase Prestige

After completing the war and occupying new territory will increase the leader’s prestige which is by far the simplest and quickest. You can announce war and keep on brutally winning and expanding your territory to show the terror and dictatorship to increase the influence.

There is another way by which you can also increase the prestige, you will need to construct specific buildings which have been described on Reform Tree. These Reform Tree can be checked by pressing “4” or after 5 turns each you can access the Reform Tree where you can unlock additional administrator buildings and slots for your faction’s council. For more guide on Total War Three Kingdoms, click on the link below the description:

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