Total War Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms- Issuing Assignments And Reasons

Total War Three Kingdoms

In Total War Three Kingdoms, you will need to provide Assignments to provide buff and enhance stats to a Commandery. You can issue an Assignment once you have controlled all the settlements within the Commandery and sieze an area over your control. Issuing an enhancement is not a big deal, you will need to counterbalance any crisis or buff the units within your control.

How To Issue An Assignment

You can issue an Assignment whenever you have all the control over the required settlement, to check and assign you will need to click on the Assignment Menu which can be viewed above the Commandery name. The Commandery name is situated on the left-hand side bottom of the screen.

You can choose from the available list of characters to the Commandery. You can fill up any number of positions to take benefits of the Commandery’s buffs. These available characters benefits are visible after clicking on the character portrait. Selecting the perfect buff from the assignments is needed to be practiced. Better to buff the strength rather than counterbalancing the weakness as you might need to take advantage of the situation and remain ahead.

Few characters or some of the characters offer multiple buffs but you can only choose one from them at a single time. You will need to choose an assignment which would benefit your empire and improve your stats. For example- If the Commandary is based on your military strength, then enhance your military power rather than going defensive or if its economy based than increase the profit and resources.

All you need to choose and select the perfect Commandery which might be missing or strengthen it already. The economy will rise and the political view will also stabilize due to your strategy and choice of Assignments. Once you are done with the Assignment, you can select another one to benefit yourself. For more guides on Total War Three Kingdoms, click the link below the description:

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