Total War Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms- Morale And Fatigue Guide

Total War Three Kingdoms

In Total War Three Kingdoms, all troops, units, and champions have their morale and fatigue displayed on their icon. This icon denotes the crucial fundamental in a war. Both morale and fatigue work differently but they affect the units and individuals in the same manner. In this guide, we have mentioned all the effects and descriptions about Morale and Fatigue on an army.


As your units have assembled and ready to charge and fight to the death in the course of a battle, they will suffer from fatigue. Fatigues are affected due to your units running hence and forth as well as fighting against enemies. All these engaging and disengaging rapidly increase the fatigues of your troops.

In regards to the reduction of fatigues of the troops, you can either let them rest and stand idle on the ground or let them march forward slowly which will let them fight more effectively. We would recommend deploying half of the army to fight and the remaining half in standby when the numbers of your units are reducing gradually you can command them to retreat and deploy the stand by troops into the battle.

On various occasions, it has been noticed that due to less fatigueness their chances of survival and damage dealt on enemies are increased. Marching all your units towards enemies periodically and surrounding the troops is an exact and standard strategy maintained for defeating and decreasing the morale of enemies.


Morale is a unique abstract which also affects your units and troop performance in an exact manner as Fatigue. Although troops affected by fatigue can also triumph on enemies due to high morale and they are scarier. These high morale troops have a higher chance to inflict scare and terror on your enemies.

This morale rating is indicated to categorize and compare the units battle prowess and their unwavering determination during a battle. These units are more expensive and relatively more effective. You can defeat enemies if their morale decreases rapidly when they are surrounded and losing their units at a sudden rate.

All units icon mention their respective morale condition, the white flickering of your unit’s morale indicates that the units are wavering and require backup. If their morale decrease to such extent with no backup and continuous loss of troops will change their weaponry icon with a white flag which indicates routing or surrendering.

The decrease in morale is an area effect which inflicts and are contagious. It will increase once you regain the positions and help your surrounded army and outflank the enemies. You will notice that Terror And Scare effect is tangled together with their morale. The scare will affect the enemies to regain their morale gradually after the table has turned but terror struck units are much more affected and decrease their battle effectiveness considerably.

To negate and avoid the chance to suffer a negative penalty on morale, you can equip champions who have high authority attribute or certain skills to always motivate and emit positive morale aura around themselves to constantly provide positive effects on the respected ally troops.

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