Total War Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms- Reform Tree And All Its Branches Guide

Total War Three Kingdoms

In Total War Three Kingdoms, you cannot engage in war without increasing your chances of victory. These victories are mostly influenced due to the Reform Tree which allows you to gain certain passives, units, and buildings for your empire. These Reform trees can be accessed at five turns each, though you can also open the Reform Tree by pressing “4” to plan your step further and to unlock which branch that benefits your empire the most.

Reform Tree

All About Reform Tree

When you are strategizing each turn and closer to get an access of Reform Tree, there will be a small tree icon indicated where you will usually notice an arrow at the bottom right to let the other Factions make their turn. Once you enter the Reform Tree page, you will find certain possibilities and perks which can be unlocked via branches and nodes. As you keep on unlocking the node, a flower will bloom at that branch and continue to fill up the tree as you go on. These bloomed flowers show your progression through the Reform Tree.

Once you have chosen the first node and plan further ahead to purchase and expand the tree on your favor, you will need to strategize and strengthen the strong units and buildings which are necessary.

Types Of Branches

There are significant branches which are important and cannot be ignored in the Reform Tree as they are useful. These branches denote different path and strength which you will need to learn to plan ahead, though we have mentioned it below for your convenience.

Resettlement Incentives: Once you upgrade and advance through this tree, you will be able to considerably increase the population growth of your settlements. You can expand your empire early and make benefit of early expansion.

Economy: All tend to incline toward an increase in the economy once you notice it. You will need to purchase and complete the tree as early as possible to let you take advantage of resources. You will be able to gain access to the buildings which will increase your leader’s prestige and trade influence.

Bureau of Banditry: The branch allows you to accumulate and gain the leader’s prestige with and without war with the help of buildings stated in the branch. Once you gain access to additional administration buildings and increase your prestige level to command and influence the settlements when your army are in a war.

Regional Commissioners: Once you have enough economic strength, you will tend to grow your military power which can be achieved after exploring and completing the tree branch. These branches allow you to reduce the price of recruitment fees up to 8% which is remarkably great to create a huge army. Once you gain access to military buildings to recruit new units and reduce further costs for your army, though the military supplies can hinder when you have a huge army, so you can increase the supplies carried by your generals in Military Markets.

Liu Bo, Private Tutors, and Foreign Envoys: If you further tend to increase the military strength by recruiting archers, and spies then it should be an idle branch. Private Tutors are as important as the other two but mainly focus on it. Once you have introduced archers in your units and spies to diverse and create an effective measure during the war against enemies, the prestige will increase steadily. Few buildings would also be introduced in these branches which will surge up your economy.

You will need to remember that every fifth of your turn will allow you to upgrade but there is no prohibition to open and strategize your steps while referring to Reform Tree. You can experiment new branches if you are not sure what to upgrade as each branch will benefit you at a certain point in Total War Three Kingdoms. For more guide on Total War Three Kingdoms, you can click the link below the description:

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