Total War Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms- The Effects Of Character Relationships

Total War Three Kingdoms

In Total War Three Kingdoms, the influence on generals and certain individuals affects the performance of the units and generals. These effects are often experienced by the political or military relationships against the generals. Each general has their own opinion and style of doing things, some may support your opinion and the rest will revolt against your action.

Handling situations in the Total War Three Kingdoms is very important. You will have a chance to negotiate which will determine your leadership skills while others may judge you by your spontaneous judgment of handling different situations. In this guide, we will explain to you everything you might need to understand the character relationship status with your generals and their advantages.

Where To Find The Relationship Status

These relationship statuses and connections among other individuals are displayed in the Court page which can be accessed by pressing “2” on your keyboard and select “characters”. You will notice all the details about your connections and relations with the generals and individuals whom you have introduced and interacted with from the beginning.

Even the details about your generals are also displayed which is very useful while gaining favor and restoring faith on you. These green and red color indicate the relationship status with the mentioned individuals who play a great role in the future. Green indicates that you have a good relationship, similarly red indicates bad relationship status. You can take precautions and avoid such a tragic event from happening.


You can always click on the icon or portrait of the generals who seems dissatisfied from your leadership and judgment skills. Some generals have a good relationship with others and others have a hostile relationship which can be studied and checked to strategize your plan. All the information regarding the influence will be displayed which will help you to build your relationship.

There are various individuals whose opinions differ from one another, some want you to handle matters peacefully and successfully negotiate whereas others are dissatisfied from the way you treat your factions and avoid war. Losing war also decrease the morale and trust from the generals and units which let them doubt your decisions. To avoid such situations you just need to fulfill their desire and gain their trust through war and peace as they demand.

Importance of Relationship

When you have a good relationship with your generals and when they fight alongside you, their defense is boosted and have more intimidation presence than the other generals on the battlefield which downs the morale of the enemies. The positive buff and natural advantage in the war lead you to gain more favor and prestige to expand and control the individuals.

Even the two generals who have different opinions and negative relationships among each other do not affect much to your war strategy on the battlefield as they serve the same leader whom they don’t want to disappoint. Whether they dislike each other but fighting alongside each other fires them up and try to outsmart each other which is also an advantage which you can seek for while war.

These trivial matters all affect the gameplay to some extent which will be ignored or later they might affect your strategy. Influencing and betraying has always played a key role in the war which will either burn you or support you to reach greater length. For more guide on Total War Three Kingdoms, click the link below the description:

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