Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game- All Model Village Tasks And Walkthrough

Untitled Goose Game

In Untitled Goose Game, you must have completed most of your journey and find yourself at the small model village. The small model village is a replica of the map where you have been constantly being a pain for all the villagers. You will need to enter the model village in order to complete the quest and obtain the miniature golden bell i.e. located at the end of the path.

All Model Village Task For Untitled Goose Game

The final and main task is to retrieve or steal the golden bell i.e. situated at the top of the main castle built in the model village. The final quests in the model village are the most challenging yet as all the shortcut which you have been using to run past is all locked and to return back at the starting location, you will need to move all the way back being fast and sneaky from the crowd.

Steal The Beautiful Miniature Golden Ball

At the end of the path, you will find a model of a castle which can be attacked with the help of your beak to break the walls slowly until the part where the bell is hanging breaks and collapse down. You can lift and steal the golden bell which will complete the task and what will be left is to leave the village.

Take It All The Way Back Home

The most challenging part of the task is to take the golden bell all the way back to your home. The task might prove to be a little difficult as the villagers and bystanders might hear the bell ringing which will remove the concept of being sneaky. The thought of going through the shortcut is also discarded as all these routes are locked and the only way is to move through all the way back to home by dodging and distracting the villagers.

As you move out from the model village and enter the pub area, you can run past all the way maintaining the distance between you and the villagers so that they can’t take the bell away from you. You can take the route which is supposed to throw him off their track such as, the small pole from where you can crouch through and run straight past but the villagers will move side and follow you until you leave the area. This trick will save your time and let you lose them whenever they chase you.

Once you are out of the pub area, you can leave the bell near the fence at the woman’s yard i.e. supposed to be out of her range and destroy her desk (that has been constructed back) which will pave you a slight slope where you can climb and run back to the man’s yard. Even if the woman grabs your golden bell, you can snatch it back from her and run past all the way to her broken desk and climb it to return back to the man’s yard.

Luring the man will be quite easy as when he notices you with the bell, he will start chasing you in Untitled Goose Game. Simply make him follow you and make a turn around the bush and run past the gate. As soon as you clear the area, the man will stop chasing you which will let you enter the street area.

There you will find three villagers who might start chasing you i.e. boy, shopkeeper and the clerk. You can stick on the edge of the road to avoid the clerk, meanwhile, the shopkeeper will chase you all the way until you exit the gate. The boy is not alarming and he will not give any good chase, so the only one in this round to deal will be the shopkeeper. Simply, run to the left side of the road i.e. near the fence. The shopkeeper might stumble you and take back the golden bell which can be stolen back again as soon as she picks it up. Run past all the way to the gate to exit the area.

Finally, you will return to the gardener’s place where he will be guarding the gate. Simply, go to the right side of the area where melons and cabbages are grown. Pull the crate i.e. supporting the fertilizer to reveal a small secret passage for in/out of the garden. Once you have cleared all the area, you can easily swim through the water and go back to your starting location to dump your golden bell into the pit along with other bells. For more guides and solutions on Untitled Goose Game, click the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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