Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game- How To Break Dartboard Solution For Pub Task

Untitled Goose Game

As soon as you advance forward in Untitled Goose Game and enter the pub by leaving your troubling tracks behind, you will find numerous people are enjoying their day peacefully until the troublesome guest arrives. The first task in your to-do list at the pub after breaking in would be to break the dartboard which you can’t possibly do it with your beak. You already knew that it can’t be that simple and straight forward or else there is no fun at it. As you are stuck in this possible task, we have provided a solution for the task especially about breaking the dartboard.

Breaking Dartboard Solution For Untitled Goose Game

As you have entered the pub area, you will find your updated to-do list which says you have to break the Dartboard. The Dartboard is situated near the old guy who periodically plays harmonica and the dart in the open area. The old guy throws the dart after a windup which you can notice him after constant observation. He aims at the board and at the third windup he throws his dart on the dartboard.

It is necessary to know the timing as if you interrupt the old guy before he throws or releases the dart, he will stop throwing for a moment and again wait for him to throw his dart. You can interrupt the throw by honking but in order to do the honk, you will need to close enough.

As soon as he releases the dart after the third windup, you will need to honk at that moment which will destroy his dartboard by making it fall on the ground. After completing the first task you can follow the villager’s movement and routine in order to lay traps and create trouble for them. For more guides on Untitled Goose Game, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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