Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game- How To Bucket Drop On Burly Man’s Head Solution

Untitled Goose Game

In the Untitled Goose Game, you are the official terror of the people and the pub area is a perfect place where there are numerous people pr targets to toy with. After sneaking the way inside the pub, you will find numbers of tasks on your to-do list yo strike and one of the funniest jobs would be to drop a bucket on the burly man’s head. It is quite tricky and after constant exploration and patrolling you will find the necessary items placed already in the position. What you need is a single push literally at the right moment. In this guide, we have mentioned how to drop the bucket and see his hilarious reaction and state.

Bucket Drop On Burly Man’s Head Solution For Untitled Goose Game

Once you enter the pub and explore the area, you will find the back alley where tomatoes are kept in a box or a crate just beside your special table. Opposite to the tomato crate behind the wall, you will see the sink and on top of that same boundary wall would be your bucket which is needed to be dropped on the burly man’s head.

The most tricky part of the puzzle is to lure the burly man into the specific location and for that, you have the special lure item i.e. Tomato. You will need to pick the tomato with the help of your beak and place it on the other side of the gate after crossing the narrow passage underneath the wooden floorboard of the pub. To gain attention from the burly man if he is far, you can honk and let him notice the tomato lying on the floor just beside the gate.

He will pick up and walk towards the crate where the tomatoes are sorted and kept. At the instance when he picks up the tomato, you will need to run inside the pub area where the sink is situated and push the bucket placed on the wall to let it fall on the other side on the burly man’s head to scratch it out from the to-do list. Watch the hilarious reaction of the man and the squashed mess made by you. For more guides on Untitled Goose Game, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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