Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game- How To Make Gardener Wear Sun Hat

Untitled Goose Game

In the Untitled Goose Game, completing your to-do list and simultaneously troubling the villagers to go hand in hand. At the very beginning, after you start the game, you enter the first area after crossing the lake into a groundskeeper garden where he will be cultivating and growing various crops. The list of tasks as mentioned has one of the tasks named “make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat”. At the very first stage, you will have to solve the riddle and somehow make the groundskeeper lose his normal hat and wear the sun hat i.e. hanged on the door.

How To Make The Groundskeeper Wear His Sun Hat In Untitled Goose Game

As soon as you enter the garden, you will have access to all the crops, sprinklers and fertilizers to trouble the old guy in the garden. You can figure out all the crops and among these crops, a red Tulip would be present which can be plucked with the help of your beak. Pluck the Tulip and drop the flower near you.

As soon as the groundskeeper notices that the Tulip has been plucked, he will come close to pick it up back in order to put it back in the soil. As soon as he bends down and pick the Tulip, you can grab his hat from his head and hide it somewhere where he can’t find it.

Bonus Tip: You can grab the hat and swim across the river in order to wet the groundskeeper and hide his hat inside the bush. Later when he can’t find his hat, he will return back slowly and wear his sun hat which will complete the to-do task related to the sun hat. For more guides on Untitled Goose Game, click the following link that has been mentioned below the description:

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