Warframe- All Data Hash Locations For Buried Debts Event


After the Update 24.4 in Warframe, The Buried Debts Event have 16 Undiscovered Data-Hashes scattered all around on the Orb Vallis. In Free-Roam you might have crossed the path and didn’t even noticed these small collectibles. If you have not collected it yet then it’s the right time to open your Warframe and suit up your Tenno to collect the Data Hashes.

Complete Data Hash Locations

We have provided the map of Orb Vallis in Venus and also compiled this guide solely on discovering these Data Hatches which we have listed below this image.



The Data Hatch can be found outside the entrance of Fortuna where you can see an odd plant on the left side surrounded by some pile of rocks. Climb top of the plant to discover your First Data Hash.


Move deep down into the cave until you reach the middle of the cave where you can notice the roof is broken and the light is focused on the middle. Turn your camera to the top where you might see the golden girder. Climb top to the girder where you will collect another Data Hash.


From the specified location go deep down into the cave until you reach a bright glowing area. On top of the ledges, you will notice some mushrooms are grown. At the left side of the ledge on the mushroom, you will discover a Data Hash.


Advance forward inside the cave and take all the left turns until you reach a small pool below the trench. Jump across the pool and look behind from where you jumped down. Below the platform, you will notice a hole from where you can slide in and turn right before the exit. Slide down and you will find a Data Hash under a shelter.


In the specified location, you will have to climb on top of the entrance to collect a Data Hash.


Climb to the top of the rock when you are heading towards Orokin Dig Site as marked in the map. You will find a large rock facing beside the road where you will be able to collect another Data Hash.


In the specified location, you will discover an entrance to the cave. Proceed further inside where you will find a control room. Interact with the machine to drain the pool where you can find a Data Hash on the ledge beside the suction pipe.


You can find a Data Hash on the top of the entrance where the enemy base is situated.


In the specified location, you will find another enemy base. Move inside the entrance and on the right side, you will notice a trailer. Explore the trailer to find another Data Hash.


In the specified location, you will notice an entrance to the cave, advance forward into the cave until you reach the trench. Onto the left, behind the blue pillar, you can discover the data hash on the ledge.


Head inside the cave until you notice a small pool of river. There will be a huge rock stacked in the middle of the river. Climb to the top to collect a Data Hash.


In the specified location, you will find a statue in the middle. Climb up to the top of that statue and drop down a platform where you will collect another Data Hash.


Head inside the cave which is located just beside the road. Interact with the panel which will clear the way. Jump onto the next platform and move forward until you have to turn left and encounter a small rock pillar. Behind that rock, you will collect you, Data Hash.


In the specified location on the map, you will find ruins in this area. Inside the ruin which has a pointed roof, you will discover another Data Hash on top of the golden broken girders.


In the specified location, you will have to climb up all the way to the top of the statue. Maneuver in the air to the left hand of the statue where you can discover a Data Hash in between the gap of the 2 fingers.


From the specified location, enter the cave and keep on turning left whenever you see an entrance until you reach where the pool is situated. Jump across the pool on another platform where you can find the Data Hash.

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