Warframe- All Rare Fish on Plains Of Eidolon Including Mortus Lungfish


In Warframe, the new challenge for Nightwave is there to complete every week. One of them is to catch six rare fish. We will show you how to wrap up this quest quickly.

Trick To Catch Rare Fish

We can catch these fish in the Plains of Eidolon but first, you might need a fine and cheap set of equipment that is very efficient to catch all the mentioned fish. At the very first you will need a Lanzo Fishing Spear from Fisher Hai-Luk at Cetus which will cost you 500 Standings. Rank is not required for purchasing these items. You all can also have Luminous Dye for another 500 Standings.

Purchasing all essential items, the last item you will need is a Twilight Bait. You can purchase this at 2000 Standings after completing and achieving 1st rank with the Ostrons Syndicate. You will need to equip all those items you have purchased because everything is going to be used in fishing.

Rare Fish Sharrac, Karkina, And Mortus Lungfish


As shown in the map, these are the hotspots to catch all those rare fish to earn a fortune. The spot marked at red are the places where you can get all the rare fish along with Mortus Lungfish.

There are two different schedules in Warframe where you can catch different types of rare fish. They spawn at different times of the day. At night you can catch Mortus Lungfish and at morning Karkina, Sharrac. If you are having difficulty in catching and gathering all those fish in one place, then use Twilight Bait.

Lanzo spear catches all the smooth fish by piercing their body. This spear can be used to catch Sharrac and Karkina, though the best spear will be Peram Fishing Spear but will cost too much.

Tenno’s who likes and collect all varieties of fish will most likely love to know all these spots. So, pick up your rod and put on some boots to catch a big rare fish in every star.

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