Warframe- Catching The Rare Servofish Charamote And Its Location


In Warframe, the new challenge of Nora Night’s for Nightwave is to catch the rare Servofish. Completing the challenge will award you a great loot. These species of fish live in a pool on Orb Vallis, Venus where you have to travel with your fishing rod to catch some fish.


There are many Servofish but among them all, there are 3 rare Servofish who enjoy their environment and they are easily noticeable. They are different from other Fish as they have gold trim and look very fashionable. We have listed down the rare Servofish and their availability location.

  • Charamote: Weather needs to be warm and can be spotted in Caves.
  • Synathid: Weather needs to be warm and can be spotted in Caves.
  • Tromyzon: Weather needs to be cold and can be spotted in Ponds.
Trick To Catch Rare Servofish

You can use baits to increase their chance to spawn as all those rare Servofish have their specific baits. Specifically, we need to purchase Shockspear first which you can always collect them from The Business, in Fortuna.

As mentioned earlier about the availability, you will need to keep an eye on the weather. On warm weather, the spawn of Charamote and Synathid will easily increase and using the bait will boost their spawn further up.

Bait can be bought from the Business if you are eligible. Rank required is “Doer”, and you can then easily purchase the bait. Well if your rank is not high enough to purchase one, we recommend you all to grab your fishing rod and travel to the cave marked in the map.


Inside the cave, you will discover a small lake where you can catch a Charamote without using the bait. You can always purchase the blueprint from Fisher Hai-Luk at Cetus for Luminous Dye to make it easier to catch and distinguish fish.

If you have a Shockspear, equip it and start catching your fish. Once the bar comes up, wait for the cursor to come at red and pull it up to catch a fish. At the mentioned location, the Charamote spawns are pretty high during under favorable weathers.

Keep on catching the fish even if you have no luck in catching the Charamote, as the lake is limited and the fish will automatically respawn again increasing the chance of rare Servofish. Use bait if you are in a hurry during warm weather. Having Smeeta Kavat will also double the catch.

So hop on in your ship and put on your hat and fishing rod because mate you are ready to catch ’em all!

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