Warframe- Completing Eximus Executioner Challenge Efficiently


In Warframe, Nightwave challenge, you have to grind and farm Eximus to complete the Eximus Executioner Challenge. These Eximus can spawn in any missions which can increase the kill count gradually but it will take lots of time. You all can wait and grind slowly completing your mission or you can rather focus on farming the Eximus spawns.

These Eximus spawns have distinguished glowing red eyes and are seemingly more powerful than other foes. You will need to eliminate 100 Eximus to complete your challenge. The spawns are too less and will take time to farm but we have a solution for you to encounter with them in bulk on this guide:

Eximus Spawns

Sanctuary Onslaught

Once you have completed The New Strange quest to gain access to the mode which you can check your progression in Codex. In Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, you will have to face tons of enemies as well as these Eximus spawns. The spawn rate is too high in this mode. You can go along with your team and farm together in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught as they spawn much often but the enemies are too tough. If you are not leveled up or your weapons are weak for this challenge you can try doing Normal Sanctuary Onslaught.


When you have completed the War Within quest in Warframe, you will gain access to the Sorties. These Sorties modifiers contain Eximus Stronghold who spawns very frequent and in bulk. You will easily reach your goal by eliminating 100 enemies in this mission. These Sorties modifiers can be spawned once a week where you can wait and keep track of it or farm somewhere else to complete your Eximus Executioner challenge.

Arbitration Alerts

Once you have completed every node on the Star Chart, you will have access to the Arbitration. If you have played it, then you must be knowing the spawns are endless and you just need to survive. The Eximus spawns are considerably more than any other missions. As long as you can survive and kill every enemy on the wave, you are good to complete the challenge in one go.


First comes in mind will be the Endless missions where you can farm the Eximus. For all the newcomers, this might be the best defense or survival challenge to take where you will get the opportunity to eliminate plenty of Eximus as per the Rotations. Hop in with some allies who also want to take up the mission and run the endless mission. Beware of the quitters, you might first check if they will leave early or stick with you till the end.

These are all the missions where you can complete the Eximus Executioner challenge efficiently. For more Warframe guide, you can check below the descriptions:

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