Warframe- Corrosive Damage For Meltdown Challenge


In Warframe, a new set of a challenge has been updated as a Meltdown challenge in Nightwave series. Similar to other secondary elemental damage, corrosive damage can be achieved by combining two specific primary damage types. There are various weapons as well as mods provided to produce corrosion damage.

The mission requires you to eliminate 150 enemies when the corrosive damage effect is still lingering on their bodies. We have explained everything you need to deal with corrosion damage and its advantages against enemies in this guide.

Corrosive Damage

To deal corrosive damage you will need to combine namely 2 mods, Electrical and Toxin mods to deal corrosive damage which is effective against heavily armored enemies. Corrosive damage will permanently deplete an enemies armor up to 25% which stacks on doing further armor damage.

The best way to deal corrosive damage is to use and combine Electrical damage mod and Toxin damage mod. There are some weapons who have potential to deal corrosive damage without any mods which we have listed it below for you:

  • Caustacyst
  • Gazal Machete
  • Scourge
  • Stug
  • Synapse
  • Tysis

That’s all required for you to complete the challenge and increase the kill count with the new modded weapon of your choice. You can stack up to the damage by adding up the specific elemental mods which we have discussed on the previous guide. For more guides on Warframe click the link below the description.

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