Warframe- Deal Magnetic Damage For Attractive Nightwave Challenge


In Warframe, there are six secondary elemental types which can cause their respective status effect on the enemies. You can combine 2 different primary elemental types in your mods build to achieve other specific status effects.

To complete the Attractive Nightwave Challenge, you will need to eliminate 150 enemies with the Disrupt status effect on them. Magnetic damage increases the damage done to the shields and armor which is an effective method against Corpus. When the magnetic damage is being dealt, you will be notified by there Disrupt status which will reduce the shield capacity by 75% for 4 seconds.

Magnetic Damage

Magnetic Damage can be achieved once you combine Cold and Electricity elemental damage types. You can equip a Cold and an Electricity Mod on any weapons to create magnetic damage.

We would recommend you to use two specific different mods rather than collect a weapon which contains the potential to deal with Magnetic damage. The weapons which have been listed below already contains Magnetic Damage and can be used to further increase their Magnetic Damage by stacking up the respective mods:

  • Halikar (Melee)
  • Kestrel (Melee)
  • Kogake (Melee)
  • Battacor (Primary)
  • Opticor (Primary)
  • Opticor Vandal (Primary)
  • Simulor (Primary)
  • Synoid Simulor (Primary)
  • Gammacor (Secondary)
  • Synoid Gammacor (Secondary)

It’s not necessary that the magnetic damage will only be achieved by combining mods, you just need to stack up to the effect on the enemies which even Warframe, Mag with his first and last ability can also deal. Using Warframe Mag will be quite useful to clear up the horde and finish the current challenge of Attractive Nightwave Challenge swiftly.

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