Warframe- Deck 12 And Exploiter Orb Location Along With Boss Fight Tips


Warframe has hinted before of the arrival of Deck 12 and after the recent update, it’s been added as a part of the Buried Debts event. The arrival of a new boss and its completion rewards i.e the parts for new Hildryn Warframe has been added to its feature. You can take on Exploiter Orb in Deck 12 which we have provided you its location.

Deck 12 Location


Deck 12 is situated in Orb Vallis, Venus. As per shown in the map, mark your location and maneuver your Warframe all the way to the point where you might see a security door inside a small cave. You will need to hack the door to enter the vicinity. The security code of the door should already be there which you can input it in and get inside.

Exploiter Orb

Once you get inside to a big chamber interact with the panel after the story or lore behind this place. Interacting with the panel will trigger the boss fight which you can either play solo or with your clanmates.


You can kill this boss swiftly by destroying the rocks at first on which he is supporting his legs or arms and destroy the vent. Destroying the vent will trigger his mechanics and freeze his other vents for immunity. Behind the terminal, inside a room, you will find Thermia Canister which is used to remove its freezing effect.

After defeating the 1st phase, you will come to an open ground outside where you have to defeat Coolant Raknoid to collect the Cold Canister. After recovering the Canister, heat it up in the flame geyser to turn the Cold Canister into Thermia Canister and throw it onto the Exploiter Orb.

Once the Exploiter Orb gets knocked down, jump onto the boss to trigger a small cutscene ripping out his parts out. Defeat the boss to collect all the drops as instructed and enjoy your new loots. You can complete it much faster when engaging the Exploiter Orb with your team.

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