Warframe- Farming And Locating Silver Grove Specters And Apothics


In Warframe there are tons of quest and you will come across tho a quest named Silver Grove. If you haven’t then you need to complete the quest to collect Silver Grove Specters. If you are in the specific quest then you must be killing tons of Specters to complete the challenge.


  • To initiate the mission you will need the minimum Mastery Rank 7!
  • Completion of Silver Grove mission.

During the mission, you will be working well along with the New Loka Syndicate to discover an ancient power. You will be rewarded with the Titania Warframe which is a pretty sweet deal.


Once you have completed the mission and received the blueprints, you will notice that you will need the Apothics. The types and the location of these Apothics are mentioned below which you have to grind and can collect them all.

Types And Their Locations

Nightfall Apothic

  • Dusklight Sarracenia: Travel all the way to the swampy waters of the Grineer Shipyard mission on Ceres.
  • Moonlight Dragonlilies: Travel all the way during night and access Grineer Forest missions on Earth.
  • Sunlight Threshcones: Travel all the way during the day and access Grineer Forest missions on Earth.

Sunrise Apothic

  • Frostleaf: It will be available on Corpus Outpost tilesets found in abundant near cliffs on Venus.
  • Sunlight Jadeleaf: It will be available on Grineer Forest tilesets found in water areas on Earth during the daytime.
  • Vestan Moss: It will be collected from the Grineer Asteroid tileset on Mercury.

Twilight Apothic

  • Lunar Pitcher: It will be discovered on the Orokin Moon tilesets on Lua.
  • Moonlight Jadeleaf: Travel all the way during night and access Grineer Forest missions on Earth.
  • Ruk’s Claw: It will be discovered on the Grineer Settlement tilesets on Mars.

Once you have collected any of the Apothics, you can then set on a journey to find the Silver Grove. All these plants are considered to be rare and spawn very little. If you have collected it all then your dedication needs to be appraised but if you are new and planning for a search, then we would recommend you to go for the Nightfall Apothic as its the easiest one by far.

Silver Grove Location

Once you have crafted your Apothic, make sure to equip it in your Gear wheel. Select a Capture mission on Earth and complete it. During the Capture mission, you will have the sweet time to locate the Silver Grove who will be found after crossing a small tunnel. This tunnel will lead you into a Grove but sadly these spawns are random. It’s quite assuring to cover all the part and locate any tunnel in your map in case if you have missed one.

Silver Grove Specter

Silver Groves will not be spawning all the time for farming Stance and Aura mods. Once you have located the Silver Grove, use the Apothic on the stone altar to spawn the Silver Grove Specter. You will need to eliminate and extract up to 3 times to complete the challenge, so you will need to re-enter the mission 3 times.

We recommend you to do it with your allies or teammates and make sure you all have at least one Apothic to attempt and get all the kills which you all need. You will need to reload the mission again so be sure that one of your teammates are willing to use one Apothics each for every attempt.

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