Warframe- Farming Rare Mods And Credits For Enhance Challenge


In Warframe, naturally, every player will be looking to get hold onto a bunch of mods whose rarity will be of high and best quality. This week Warframe has added a new Nightwave Challenge called Enhance Challenge which will require you to collect 8 rare mods. These mods are not easily available and dropped off from the enemies but there is one location and activity where you can farm the mods which we have mentioned in this guide.

Location and Way of Farming

These rare mods can be farmed in The Index on Venus planet. You will have travel to the designation where the Corpus Faction’s will be your opponent and medium to collect the rare mods. After eliminating the Faction’s, they will drop green shards which will be needed to add up on your enemy’s goal to score points. These enemies will also drop down the rare mods which will be left on the ground whether you or your teammates have defeated them. Explore and check all the areas throughout the map for more success rate.

These should be practiced by all the players who want to farm credits and rare mods. Though the mission comes with 3 difficulty which increases the levels as well the reward drops and quality respectively. You will need to check in by paying Credits and though the return Credit is always large which we would say is the profitable and less time-consuming method.

You can store or purchase new weapons and frames preferred to your likeness from your earned Credits. For more guides on Warframe, click on the link below the description:

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