Warframe- Fast And Easy Farming Odonata Prime Relics


In Warframe, there has been a sole Prime Archwing which will be available and the Tennos would have their way on farming and collecting Odonata Farm Relics. In this guide, we have mentioned the most efficient and fastest way to farm Odonata Prime Relics in Warframe before time runs out.

Odonata Prime Components

To Craft and equip Odonata Prime you would need various components to meet the requirement to craft the Prime Archwing. These components are mentioned below:

  • Harness: Neo V8
  • Wings: Lith O2
  • Systems: Meso O3
  • Blueprint: Axi L4

These are all the Odonata Prime components required to create the Odonata Prime and for such, we would recommend some of the farming locations where you will be able to extract these blueprints with ease.

Farming Locations

To farm all of these components we would need to be in Void to collect these blueprints. There are several Void missions which we would need to consider, and we have made a certain list which will be useful for farming.

  • Neo V8: Belenus (Defense), Mithra (Interception), and Mot (Survival).
  • Lith O2: Ani (Survival), Hepit (Capture), and Stribog (Sabotage).
  • Meso O3: Ukko (Capture), Ani (Survival), and Belenus (Defence).
  • Axi L4: Aten (Defense), and Marduk(Sabotage).

These missions are all available in the Void where you will need to farm to collect these drops and some of the drops coincide on the same mission. In Ani, you will be able to collect Lith O2 and Meso O3 which saves up your precious time. You can farm together with your friends and complete these Void missions, to sum up, Odanata Prime in your arsenal. For more Warframe guide, click on the link below the description:

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