Warframe- Grendel Abilities And How To Unlock Him


In Warframe, Grendel has been introduced and playable who is too tanky and sustain high damage, as well as devour enemies like a glutton which in return provides 50 bonus armor for each enemy that has been consumed. He can even transform into a ball to roll and smash the enemies and his new lore which can read in the Leverian plays an important role in unlocking the character. This guide mentions about Grendel’s abilities and how to unlock him.

Grendel Abilities And How To Unlock In Warframe

Passive – Each enemy consumed grants 50 bonus Armor.

Feast – Swallow an enemy whole and store it in Grendel’s gut. Not satisfied? Keep eating, but beware, each foe in Grendel’s belly slowly consumes Energy. Hold to vomit out stored enemies covering them in toxic bile.

Nourish – Consume the enemies in Grendel’s gut and nourish nearby squad members with a radial buff.

  • Nourished Energy Energy buff
  • Nourished Armor – Armor buff
  • Nourished Strike – Damage Multiplier buff

Regurgitate- Violently puke out a bile soaked enemy from Grendel’s gut, turning the unfortunate creature into a toxic projectile.

To unlock Grendel, you will need to navigate and complete the Arbitrations which will provide you with keys. Once you have read the lore about hidden missions on a specific planet, you will have to travel after obtaining the keys which will provide you access to these missions. There are particularly 3 Locators namely:

  • Grendel Neuroptics Locator
  • Grendel Chassis Locator
  • Grendel Systems Locator

To obtain Locators, you will need to visit Arbitration Honors vendor which will cost you 25 Vitus Essence each. If you are wondering how to check the lore then simply go to Codex>Universe>Warframe. Search Grendel and read his entry to check out his lore for hidden missions. The update is quite recent and Grendel is not unlocked yet but I will provide you more information if we find one in-game. For more guides on Warframe, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description:



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