Warframe- Hostile Mergers Event All Rewards List


In Warframe a new event called Hostile Mergers is available till June 3rd. You will need to simply start the event which can be accessed on your Navigation Menu where the event is mentioned and accessible. The events are placed on Jupiter where the new nodes are introduced and will be playing the new Disruption game mode.

Hostile Mergers provide us with three different missions and an endless mode. You will need to complete all three different nodes where the missions would take place and after completing you can participate in the endless endurance mode where you have to accumulate certain points to earn rewards.

Warframe Hostile Mergers Reward List

Node 1: Hostile Mergers Emblem

Node 2: Hostile Mergers Sigil

Node 3: Aura Forma

Endurance Mode: Spectra Vandal (1000 Points)

Endurance Mode: Glaxion Vandal (4000 Points)

In The Endurance Mode, you will need to earn 1000 or more than 1000 Score to earn a minimum of Spectra Vandal and 4000+ Score to earn Glaxion Vandal. These points do not stack so you might need to score the points in a single go.

Clan Trophy Tier Rewards

For the Tennos, who are associated with a Clan can score points and earn rewards by adding up all the clan’s member single best-run points which are displayed on your Clan leaderboards. These benefits can only be achieved by the old members who were associated with the clan before the Hostile Mergers Event.

Similarly, when the milestones are completed and your clan will be eligible for the Operation Trophies you will earn the respective rewards mentioned in the Warframe Forums. For more guide on Warframe, click the link below the description:

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  1. Fernando Hernandez

    These event bugs are bullshit people waste hours of their time trying to get these dumb ass rewards just to get nothing. Making me want to just say fuck this dumb ass game these are game breaking glitches and are not cool what so ever

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