Warframe- How And Where To Farm Angst And Collect Rare Mods


In Warframe, Angst belongs to the Stalker Faction and looks like a Valkyr Warframe with Immortal skin equipped. She might be the troublesome melee type enemy who deals damage with the help of Hysteria claws. In this guide, we have mentioned all the drop rates and rewards as well as everything you need to know about Angst Acolyte.

Angst can use Teleport and Sonic Scream to disrupt team formation or stagger the Tennos. She can teleport herself to safety or beside players which is almost similar to the type Ash can perform. You should be cautious and aware of her Sonic Scream which would siphon and drain the health of all Tennos who are on the map. Dealing with her alone is possible but eliminating her with the help of your team is pretty efficient.

Whereas eliminating her will let you collect 1 Common, 2 Uncommon and a Rare with decreasing drop rates according to their rarity. When you will defeat Angst, you will be able to collect specific mods and these mods are mentioned below along with their drop rate percentage.

  • Body Count: 51.51%
  • Repeater Clip: 22.22%
  • Spring-Loader Chamber: 22.22%
  • Pressurized Magazine: 4.04%

Gather up your team and locate Angst, one of the Acolytes and engage with her on Regna in Pluto. Once any of your teammates have found out her location, it will be displayed normally to everyone. You have learned all the combat routines and drops which you will need to farm later. For more guides on Warframe, check the link below the description:



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