Warframe- How To Collect Paris Abra Skin Free And Fast


In Warframe, as you might already know from my previous post that you can easily collect rare Rhino Palatine Sigil swiftly without grinding or farming as a classical method of collecting an item or frames. Even you can grab this opportunity and collect Paris Abra Skin by completing the Gift of the Lotus mission.

As you might already know it’s a time-limited event and needs to be executed within a week to take all advantage of an event. In this guide, we have mentioned all the task you need to complete to unlock Paris Abra Skin with less effort and flaunt it in front of your friends.

How To Collect Paris Abra Skin

Paris is a bow weapon which comes with high Puncture Damage, High Critical chance, and an innate Punch through charged shots. Similar to other bows, it is a silent weapon which is used to eliminate enemies silently without attracting and alarming other enemies.

Paris blueprint can be purchased from the Market for 20,000 Credits and once you have obtained another bow in your armory, select the Gift of the Lotus mission under Navigation screen and further on Alerts. The enemies level ranges from 10 to 15, and the mission would be to survive and defend for 10 waves against Grineer in Eurasia node, on Earth.

It seems pretty easy for the existing players and new players might find it challenging, though ultimately after defeating all 10 waves will award you with the reward of Paris Abra Skin and 10,000 Credits.

The current missions are for a limited time and will be extinguished as the timer will run out. So do not waste your time and free skin is an addition of new collectibles in your arsenal to look good. For more guide on Warframe, click the link below the description:

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