Warframe- How To Farm And Stack Ducats For Baro


In Warframe similar to Credit, Ducats are a unique currency used to deal with Baro Ki’Teer. To purchase any items from Baro would require either Ducats or Credits and in this guide, we have a piece of special information to collect and farm Ducats, if you are not interested in using Credits.

Farming Tips For Ducats

To farm Ducats is another grinding subject which is irrelevant and would require more attention to get hands-on Relics. Yeah, you heard it right! To farm abundant of Ducats, you will need to collect as many Relics which is used to unlock Prime weapons and Prime Warframes parts.

There are various missions which can be accessed to unlock the Relics. Complete the Void Fissure missions and collect all the Reactants which will be dropped when you kill the Void enemies. To highlight an enemy who drops the Reactant would be an enemy that has a gold energy field.

You have to accumulate 10 Reactant which will be consumed to unlock Void Relics. Completing the mission would finally award you with items. Once you have collected the Prime Parts, all you need to do will be to travel back to Relay and interact with Kiosks. Kiosks can be found somewhere near Baro. Kiosks purchase Prime Parts in exchange for Ducats. Depending on the rarity, the margin will vary which will allow you to accumulate the maximum amount of Ducats.

This must be the only way to stack and store Ducats with farming, though it’s tedious and Prime Parts are also one of the rare items which you will need to store. It’s recommended to sell the duplicates or unwanted Prime parts. You can even sell these Prime parts in the community in exchange for Platinum. For more guide on Warframe, click the link below the description:

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