Warframe- How To Get Gallium Resources To Craft Weapons


In Warframe, Gallium is one of the rare resources which is dropped by eliminating enemies randomly on specific Planets such as Mars and Uranus. Gallium drop is not limited to the only drop from the enemies but also can be found from the containers and lockers. Not only you can farm these resources on an Infested Defense Mission on Mars but also increase the drop rate and drop chance by using specific Warframe. Especially, Kadesh situated on Mars provides a good bonus on drop rates which makes it the first target to farm Gallium.

How To Increase The Drop Rate And Drop Chance Of Gallium In Warframe

Equip Nekros or Khora who have Desecrate and Pilfering Strangledome abilities which will increase your chance to obtain Gallium abundantly. To even increase the chance and the amount of drops more you can even use Resource Boosters. Even Hydroid with its Pilfering Swarm and Smeeta Kavat’s Charm ability will give you a pretty good boost.

You can form up a team with these specific Frames during the Defense Mission as their synergy for obliterating swarm of enemies as well as dealing them quickly in each wave is splendid. Nekros being one of the great solo-farming and at a certain range he can reroll the drop tables of any defeated enemies which makes him a suitable and eligible candidate for farming Gallium.

Hydroid or Khora accompanied by any other support Frame will easily let your team farm and eliminate the swarm of enemies flawlessly in a vicinity. You can use their abilities on the objective to pluck them all at once from the field. After a few completion, you will have stored lots of Gallium in your arsenal which you can always spend on Crafting Weapons and Warframes in the foundry. For more guides on Warframe, click on the following guides that have been mentioned below the description:

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