Warframe- Larkspur Crafting And Statistics For The Endgame


In Warframe, update 24.4 has introduced Hildryn along with a new Arch-gun Larkspur.  This weapon just melts anything that comes in his way except heavy gunners and heavy enemies. This is one of the Archweapons which can be used in medium range without affecting your movement speed. One of the best features of the weapon is you don’t need a precision aim to hit the target. You can deal devastating damage while maneuvering in the air.

The new Arch-gun has two types of fire mode: Held, Charge. The Primary mode i.e. Held shoots a continuous beam until you keep on firing which after coming in contact with enemies, chains the damage to nearby enemies. The Secondary mode i.e. Charge shoots an explosive ball which takes 10 of your ammo to deal absolute insane damage.


You can get the Blueprint of Larkspur from Tenno lab and it requires lots of ingredients for crafting. All the Ingredients are mentioned below:

  • Credits: 20,000
  • CrismToroid: 2
  • Venerdo Alloy: 80
  • Radiant Zodian: 5
  • Ecosynth Analyzer: 5

You will need to collect the resources before crafting which you have to farm for a bit and then research and craft your weapon. This is an absolute worthy weapon to be held because it grants extra 300 ammunition to the Hildryn users.


Mastery Rank Required 8

  • Accuracy: 8.3
  • Critical Chance: 10.0%
  • Critical Multiplier: 1.4x
  • Fire Rate: 12.00
  • Magazine: 600
  • Noise: Alarming
  • Reload: 2.5
  • Status: 50.0%
  • Trigger: Held
  • Impact: 10.0
  • Radiation: 80.0
  • Accuracy: 100
  • Charge Rate: 0.50
  • Critical Chance: 26.0%
  • Critical Multiplier: 2.2x
  • Fire Rate: 1.00
  • Magazine: 600
  • Noise: Alarming
  • Reload: 2.5
  • Status: 34.0%
  • Trigger: Charge
  • Impact: 200.0
  • Blast: 250.0
  • Radiation: 1300

If we talk about Mods, we would recommend you to select mods to increase ammo clip and elemental damage. Increasing crits and damage to this weapon doesn’t benefit your damage dealt against shielded enemies. You can use mods like Magma Chamber, Charged Bullets, Contamination Casing, or Hypothermic Shell which increase the elemental effect and boost up your status effects.

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