Warframe- New Tusk Thumper Enemies And Plushie


In Warframe new update has brought us new contents along with it. New enemies have been introduced as Tusk Thumper in the Plains of Eidolon which can be encountered randomly anywhere. These Tusk Thumpers are of three types which include basic Tusk Thumper, Tusk Thumper Doma, and Tusk Thumper Bull.

Tusk Thumper Weak Spot

These Tusk Thumpers are hard to ignore as they are big and walks stiffly. In Plains of Eidolon, you will encounter them and kill them to earn rewards like normal but they are tougher to eliminate. These Thumpers takes less damage probably because of having damage reduction and to make it worse, they summon a number of drones who focus all their attack on you. Focus your attack on the legs where you will notice a stack of glowing bars after destroying their panel, as this is the only spot which will damage the Thumpers.

Tusk Thumper Plushie

Once you eliminate these various Tusk Thumpers who wanders on the surface, will reward you with noticeable Gladiator Vice Mod. These mod has been introduced after the update 22.0 and can be collected by eliminating these new enemies. After eliminating the Tusk Thumper, travel to Cetus to meet Nakak where you will be able to obtain a Tusk Thumper plushie which can be decorated on your Orbiter.

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