Warframe- Perfect Executioner Tips And How To Perform It


In Warframe you can execute finisher to complete the Executioner daily challenge. The finisher is performed when enemies are unaware of your existence. You will simply need to equip any melee weapon and a finisher enhancement mods to one shot anyone.

To deal with an insane amount of damage and kill an enemy with 1 blow, you should either have high level weapons or perform a stealth kill. Staying undetected, approach an enemy from behind with your melee weapon equipped and execute the finisher or stealth kill to an enemy. Once you alert your enemy, it’s tough to execute another finisher.

Finishers can be performed with any Warframes but we recommend you to use Warframes like Ash, Ivara, and Loki as they all have abilities based on stealth and mobility. You can perform chain Finishers staying undetected from enemies line of sight and avoid any use of moves that alert other enemies.


Finishers are the most powerful one-shot kill capability in Warframe. Though killing enemies of high level may seem a little bit problematic and tricky to complete the executioner daily challenge, you can follow and repeat these tricks anytime.

  • Complete the challenge in Earth as there are low-level enemies which make it easier to dispose of them fast and registering Execution at the same time.
  • Use your Stealth ability or avoid any unnecessary attention to continue using finisher while undetected.
  • Do not attempt to sneak behind and perform Finisher on Rollers, Turrets, Cameras, and Ospreys because you cannot execute one.
  • Equipped with a sharp melee weapon like a dagger with an addition of correct mods (Covert Lethality) can prove to be lethal for even high-level enemies.

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