Warframe- Ranking And Leveling Up Your Weapons and Warframes Faster


In Warframe, the biggest crisis if anyone can face is leveling or ranking up your new Warframe and weapon. You might get a hand on the blueprint of new Warframes and craft it out but the level of the frame will be too low and same goes on with the weapons too. We have some little tricks for you all.

There are 2 types of ranking up. First is to rank up your warframe suit and the other one is to rank up your weapons. It might be the right choice that you can equip low-level frames and weapons and go onto a mission. The highest the level of your enemy, the higher you will be awarded but the damage you might be doing will not be enough. So, it’s better to do it with your teammates.

We all adapt to the new Warframes and weapons after the updates and change in playstyles. We offer you some suggestions to all Tenno who have unlocked Sanctuary Onslaught mission which you can check it on Syndicate Menu. You all might have other ways to rank it up fast but so far we think this would be worth giving it a shot.

Ranking Up Warframes

We can rank up our Warframes fast enough with your team. You can all hop into normal Sanctuary Elite mission where the enemies level is quite low and can be finished easily. What you need to do is eliminate your enemies using your abilities because you get all the experience bonus for your Warframe.

You can even pull off some Defense mission on Helene and Hydron as there are many enemies to kill. You can synergies with your teammates and clear the wave fast enough on Onslaught to spawn more enemies. Hence, gathering more XP.

Ranking Up Weapons

Similar to the Warframes, you can rank up your weapons fast doing Elite Sanctuary Onslaught mission with your team. You will need to kill enemies with your weapons because killing with weapons will provide half XP to your weapon and another half to your Warframe. Avoid excessive use of abilities and we would recommend some tank mods and Warframe to tackle in the Onslaught.

Similarly, you can go onto the defense mission or an Exterminate mission on Adaro. You will need to stay close to your team synergizing with your teams and boosting up your weapons. This is most likely you can gather loots of Onslaught and upgrade Weapons and Warframe simultaneously.

These tricks work for us and many others have their own way of leveling up. We want you to give it a try and if you have a much better way to level up then you can suggest and help our Warframe communities.

For more guides on Warframe click the link below this description:

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