Warframe- Rare Rhino Palatine Sigil Can Be Obtained For Free


In Warframe, you might need to hurry in order to collect the rare Sigil in the form of Rhino Palatine Sigil i.e. available easily by completing the Gift of the Lotus mission. The mission can be found under Navigation screen and in Alerts section of the Menu. Though the availability of mission is limited which all Tenno’s might need to hastily complete before the end of May 15, 2 P.M. ET.

How To Collect Rhino Palatine Sigil

Completing and collecting the frame Rhino Palatine Sigil is not much of a challenge as there are enemies lurking around from Level 20 to Level 40 in range. For veterans, they are not much of a challenge and tough enemies that are present in the vicinity but for the new players, it may cause an uproar and consume time.

You will need to accept the mission which will eventually lead you to the Brugia node, on Eris where you have to complete the mission that will award you with your new frame Rhino Palatine Sigil along with 10,000 Credits. Select your best frame and create an absolute massacre on that star node and add another frame in your arsenal where no micro-transaction is involved.

Though the event or mission is for a limited time, so you all don’t have time to waste and complete the mission to claim the reward before the timer runs out. If you are interested in more guide on Warframe, click the link that has been provided below the description:

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