Warframe- Samurai Melee Weapon Tatsu For The Endgame


In Warframe update 24.4, it has introduced a new Two-handed Nikana “Tatsu”. A flashy cool looking Samurai sword which you can purchase its blueprint in Market for 20,000 credits. Its melee Stats are not up to par against other melee weapons but it has one distinct characteristic. It can store up to 1 charge per kill and fires up a projectile when it has stored 2 charges, which pretty much deals considerate damage to the mob of enemies when it’s affected by elemental damage mods.

In addition to the overdrive slash projectile damage, Tatsu provides a very high-status chance. You can always chain up your slash to deal high damage in close combat. The stance mod is not provided at the beginning when you purchase it from the shop but you can obtain it from Coolant Raknoids or by Transmuting.


You can get the Blueprint of Tatsu from the Market and it requires not much of resources for crafting. All the Resources required are mentioned below:

  • Credits: 5,000
  • Argon Crystal: 2
  • Kuva: 1,200
  • Auroxium Alloy: 100
  • Hespazym Alloy: 100

You will need to collect the resources before crafting which you have to farm for a bit. This is an absolute worthy melee weapon to be held due to its cool sword and slash animation. It’s ground slam combo deals pretty high damage to the enemies when ganged up together.


Mastery Rank Required 7

  • Attack Speed: 1.0
  • Channeling Cost: 5
  • Channeling Damage: 1.5x
  • Critical Chance: 11.0%
  • Critical Multiplier: 1.9x
  • Damage Block: 60.0%
  • Leap Attack: 96.0
  • Spin Attack: 192.0
  • Status: 23.0%
  • Wall Attack: 192.0
  • Slash: 27.0
  • Puncture: 23.0
  • Impact: 15.0
  • Radiation: 31.0

We would recommend you all to not use mods which increase the crit of a non-crit weapon, instead, you can add up the slash procs as it does piercing damage. Adding up elemental damage and taking advantage of high-status chance along with innate Radiation will wreck havoc in the battlefield.

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