Warframe- Tips on Completing the Ambulas Sortie Mission


The Warframe Community is now facing a grave situation known as Ambulas Sortie. The timing and coordination are required along with active communication. The struggle is when you have to distribute their roles according to the skills. We are contributing some of the tips which may be useful while completing the mission.

How To Complete

You will have to make your way to the security door to hack. Anyone can hack it at this stage because there will be no pressure of getting damaged but later on, you will need to choose an individual who is great at hacking skill. After hacking the door advance forward where you have to fight against Ambulas.

  • After eliminating the First Ambula, the hacking individual must guard the Ambula against drone who starts repairing them. Focus on destroying the drone and backing up your attacker.
  • Another individual who is focusing on destroying the enemies should also focus on guarding your teammates while hacking process.

The players need to be in sync as long as you keep on hacking Ambulas. Stronger and agile enemies will spawn later which will make your hands full. Do not forget on focusing your own individual task. You can prepare such Warframe for combat with offense and defense mods installed which solely depends on your playstyle.

For more guides on Warframe click the link below this description:

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