Warframe- Types Of Secondary Elemental Damage and Status Effects


In Warframe, you can combine 2 different primary elementals to obtain a new status effect damages which you can inflict on enemies. These Elemental damages behave insignificantly different from one another. You can find some weapons already inscribed and has the potential to deal elemental proc damages or can create our own mod combining 2 specific primary elements.

Each Combined Elemental proc damage is mentioned and discussed below which can provide you with different damage buffs effective against different types of enemies.

Types of Damage

You can enhance or create your own combination of mods to achieve and build up the stats damage. There is a total of 6 types of secondary elemental damage which has been mentioned below along with their required mods:

  • Viral: Cold + Toxin

One of the widely used elemental damage must be Viral damage because of its ability to cause Virus status effect which deals damage based onto the target’s maximum and current health. The reduction of health goes on for 6 seconds which melts away the enemies huge health bar considerably.

Once the virus stats wears off, the health which was supposed to be depleted will regenerate back. The timer does not stack but resets up the time back from the 6-second mark. You can easily deal with damages when you are against Grineer or Corpus.

  • Blast: Cold + Heat

Once you combine Cold and Heat mods, you will learn and notice that now your primary or secondary weapons which have been infused with these 2 mods have now the capability to knock down enemies. You can even use it on your melee weapon which will instantly let you use the finisher.

These blast damages are most effective when you want to create space when you are fighting against mobs of enemies. This status effect is notified on the top of the health bar of the enemies. There are various weapons who has the blast effects and you can strengthen the effect by adding up cold and heat mods respectively to your weapon.

  • Magnetic: Cold + Electricity

Once you combine the Cold and Electricity mods to your weapon, your weapon will gain Magnetic damage dealing Disrupt status effects on the enemies. When your enemies are on Disrupt status effect, it will strip of 75% of maximum shield limit of the enemies up to 4 seconds.

The time does not stack but resets the timer whenever you inflict magnetic damage. The most effective ways to deal with magnetic damage is against Corpus as they have a high protective shield.

  • Radiation: Heat + Electricity

Once you combine Heat and Electricity mods which will cause Confusion status effect. The enemies affected by the Confusion status will let them attack their own allies for 12 seconds. The most distinguished feature of the Radiation damage is you can also deal with damage to your friends and they can transmit Confusion effects to other Warframes.

When your Warframe will be under Radiation damage or effect, you cannot revive your fallen ally until the status wears off. It blocks off the enemies buff and heals as the passive abilities of Eximus and Ancient Healers are hindered from the confusion stats.

  • Gas: Heat + Toxin

You will need to combine Heat and Toxin mods to trigger Gas damage which generates Toxin Cloud. The enemies which are in the range of Toxin clouds are affected with Toxin damage. As you can literally notice that the damage done by the Gas is Toxin, you can stack up the Toxin mods to deal more damage.

Addition of Heat mod will increase the Gas damage which is not your main motive for using this type of elemental damage. You will definitely want to increase your Toxin damage to deal damage onto the crowd.

  • Corrosive: Electricity + Toxin

As mentioned, you can combine Electricity and Toxin mods to create corrosive damage. The corrosion status effect will deplete the enemies armor based on the percentage of current armor remaining. So, as you deal damage to the enemies there armors meltdown pretty fast at an initial stage and gradually decrease as you go on destroying it.

The corrosive damage is most effective against heavily armored enemies who are pretty tough to destroy. You will have to use the same method as you have used to increase the other elemental damage by adding up the specific mods damage.

You can combine mods to achieve various elemental damages in a weapon whereas you can stack the damage or add the effective elemental damages according to your preferences. These are the most useful and effective way to use and overcome enemies as you advance further in the star nodes.

These are all the secondary elemental damages dealt when the specifics mods are combined all together. For more Warframe guide, you can check below the descriptions:

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