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In Warframe, completing Star Chart opens up a whole new challenge “Arbitration” mission. This mission was introduced after 23.1 Update, Chimera. These challenges are very challenging as you cannot spawn back once you are dead. Even your teammates can’t revive you, so you might have to be careful while doing this mission.

Completing this mission awards you very high standard loots which is worth doing this mission. If you have already completed every single node of your Star Chart then hop on, because it might get ugly.

About Arbitrations

You have to first check how many nodes are left in your profile which needs to be completed. You all might say, why this mission needs the whole Star Chart to be completed. That’s simply because this mission is relatively very difficult than any other missions. Your Tenno needs to be fully upgraded with your perfect mods attached. You must utilize any available upgrades in your slot according to your playstyle.

You can go to your menu and select “Stats” to check your progression. Check your current Solar Chart progress and need to complete whatever mission that’s unfinished. If you are not yet eligible to play Arbitration, even NPC’s might yield dialogues and make it clear that you are not worthy of this specific mission. The Arbiters will then redirect you to complete the nodes which are not yet finished.

The enemies level are “Sortie” and you have to survive from each of them to complete the challenge to maximize your rewards. As there are no revives, you might want to tackle Sorties and handle them with ease. Once you believe you can challenge Arbitration then gear up to complete different missions with minimum supports. These missions are mentioned below:

  • Defection: If Grineer defectors get down they can’t be revived.
  • Defense: You will have to defend the targets from the horde and the wave duration is also decreased.
  • Excavation: Defense time has been increased from 100 to 180 seconds as well as power cell recharges at 20%.
  • Infested Salvage: Players have 50% of their normal health.
  • Interception: Enemy respawns are much faster.
  • Survival: 25% less Life Support than usual from Life Support Capsules.

You must keep an eye on the Warframes and weapons as they get random 300% Strength bonus. If the Strength boost is in your favor and it’s your Favorite weapon or Warframe then pull out some slick moves and complete the levels. We recommend you not to equip the Warframe or weapon who has a bonus, it’s better to enter the challenge in which you are confident and satisfied.

About Arbitration Shield Drones

These shield drones grant immunity to the enemies from the damage as well as abilities. The first impression might be to take care of these drones. You are not entirely wrong but they can’t be targeted from your abilities. So bring one of the AOE melee weapons to slash and pierce these annoying drones swiftly along with you. Eliminating these drones will trigger their system and explodes doing damage to its certain range.

Vitus Essence

In the Arbitrations, rewards are dropped as per the rotation A – B – C – C….. and so on continuing C rotation until you extract. The rewards are mentioned below as per the rotation.

Rotation A
  • Endo: 1300 (38%)
  • Ayatan Ayr Sculpture: (18%)
  • Ayatan Sah Sculpture: (18%)
  • Ayatan Valana Sculpture: (18%)
  • Adaptation (Mods): (2%)
  • Rolling Guard (Mods): (2%)
  • Sharpshooter (Mods): (2%)
  • Vigorous Swap (Mods): (2%)
Rotation B
  • Endo: 1600 (50%)
  • Ayatan Piv Sculpture: (20%)
  • Ayatan Vaya Sculpture: (20%)
  • Adaptation (Mods): (2.5%)
  • Rolling Guard (Mods): (2.5%)
  • Sharpshooter (Mods): (2.5%)
  • Vigorous Swap (Mods): (2.5%)
Rotation C
  • Endo: 2000 (55%)
  • Ayatan Orta Sculpture: (31%)
  • Adaptation (Mods): (3.5%)
  • Rolling Guard (Mods): (3.5%)
  • Sharpshooter (Mods): (3.5%)
  • Vigorous Swap (Mods): (3.5%)

The drop rate of rewards are consistent but the drops occurrence has decreased considerably. For example- In Survival you will be awarded per 10 minutes instead of 5 minutes, In Defense, you will be awarded per 10 waves instead of 5 waves. So you all have got the vague ideas about the drop rates. The drops are not much pretty often but they are to be acknowledged as they all have high-value loots.

We would recommend Inaros, Trinity, Oberon for this mission as they all have high survivability chance. Rhino is pretty much ability based which might be punishable if you forget to activate Rhino skin and check your armor constantly. Wukong might be an interesting choice when you are gaining damage boost.

More of an Endgame, it’s like an Endo Farm but you might sell Rank 10 mods with a pretty decent amount. Even if you want to check your effectiveness and combination against Sortie level enemies. Arbitration might be a good mission to complete as the rewards get better and added new over-time.

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