Warframe- Where To Find And Eliminate The Ropalolyst


In Warframe, Jovian Concord update in the past few days have introduced various contents and among them encountering and defeating the Ropalolyst is quite challenging. You can use your Navigation Menu after you have completed the Chimera Prologue story to enter Jupiter. You might be wondering why Jupiter? Ropalolyst will be encountered in the Jupiter where you can eliminate him after a little struggle once you get a hang of it.

Eliminating Ropalolyst In Warframe

You will need to simply follow ahead to the waypoint where you will arrive at a checkpoint. From the checkpoint you just need to hit the button to start a fight similar to the Assassination Missions.

Once you have the aggro and attention of the Ropalolyst, you can light up all the four pylons or generators inside the vicinity. Powering and lighting them up is a little bit tricky and time-consuming as you will need to dodge the beams while standing beside the Pylons. These beams will eventually hit the Pylons, hence powering all of them up.

Once all of the Pylons are powered up, the armor or shield of the Ropalolyst can be stripped off with the help of your Amp. Stripping off his shield will allow you to climb and ride the Ropalolyst when you are close enough of it. Guide him into one of the Pylons which will let you fight him on the ground.

You will need to constantly repeat the same process and deal damage to the Ropalolyst by blasting off its weak spots and stunning it on the process. On the central platform where the fight has been engaged, you will need to press the button to deal a massive blow onto the Ropalolyst. You will need to hit the Ropalolyst with the charged beams which will destroy the boss eventually.

When you have performed each specific actions sequentially, you will be able to defeat the Ropalolyst in no time. Well technically, it might take your time but its fun to engage fight against the beast. For more guide on Warframe, click the link below the description:

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